Rant Therapy




Do you ever just want to complain? Go on a rant?

Yes, I know God is good all the time, but I’m not always happy with what He’s allowing me to go through. So, I complain. Maybe you feel the same way sometimes. Well, we’re not alone.Continue reading

Worthless but Priceless

Old Pocket Watch

I have an old pocket watch I keep in my bedside table. It doesn’t work anymore, and the once shiny gold has long since rubbed off, so it’s kind of a dingy and scratched up silver/gray. It gradually gets buried under the other odds and ends that wind up in that drawer.Continue reading

Truth vs Fear


It’s amazing how different truth can be from what we fear is true. In Genesis 43, Joseph’s brothers were convinced they were in big trouble. They were certain that the powerful Egyptian official they were facing was going to bust them for stealing and that at least some of them were going to end up in prison or as slaves.Continue reading

Worshiping With Billions

Multitude Worship

Group worship can be an incredible rush. There are few things more satisfying and joyful than singing out to the LORD on a Sunday morning along with a couple hundred of my brothers and sisters—people I love, whose lives I’ve seen transformed by the grace of God.Continue reading

Just Regular Folks

Faceless Crowd

It’s easy to get excited about celebrities. Most of them are amazingly talented, and most have done things the rest of us could only dream of. The Bible has its own “celebrities,” and it’s easy to get excited about them too. Guys like Moses, David, Peter, and Paul were truly gifted. Women like Rahab, Ruth, Mary, and Martha were astounding. But God also gives me a glimpse of the way He’s been using “regular folks” throughout history.Continue reading