Truth vs Fear


It’s amazing how different truth can be from what we fear is true. In Genesis 43, Joseph’s brothers were convinced they were in big trouble. They were certain that the powerful Egyptian official they were facing was going to bust them for stealing and that at least some of them were going to end up in prison or as slaves.

In truth, this “powerful Egyptian official” was their very own long lost brother, Joseph! Not only was he not going to bust them, but he was overwhelmed with joy at seeing them, loved them, and couldn’t wait to bless them beyond their wildest dreams.

I need to remember that God is the same way with me. When things aren’t going “my way,” I can easily convince myself that I’m doomed, that God is mad at me, and that nothing is going to work out. In truth, God adores me and is using my frustrating circumstances to work out everything better than my wildest dreams could imagine. The truth is very different from what I fear is true!


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