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It’s easy to get excited about celebrities. Most of them are amazingly talented, and most have done things the rest of us could only dream of. The Bible has its own “celebrities,” and it’s easy to get excited about them too. Guys like Moses, David, Peter, and Paul were truly gifted. Women like Rahab, Ruth, Mary, and Martha were astounding. But God also gives me a glimpse of the way He’s been using “regular folks” throughout history.

Acts chapter 9 chronicles some of the most headline-worthy events in the lives of two of the Bible’s biggest celebrities. In this one chapter, Paul meets Jesus on the road to Damascas and is transformed from feared persecutor into passionate preacher; and Peter heals a paralyzed man and raises a woman from the dead.

But throughout this same chapter, there’s something seemingly small that happens over and over. It happens in verse 8, in verse 17, in verse 19, verse 25, verse 27, verse 30, verse 38, and verse 41. What is it that happened over and over? Regular folks did small things that had a huge impact:

  • Regular guys led the blinded Paul into Damascus.
  • A regular guy in Damascus embraced Paul & brought him into the local church family.
  • Regular folks in Damascus embraced Paul & became his new family.
  • Regular guys snuck Paul out of Damascus, saving his life.
  • A regular guy embraced Paul in Jerusalem and helped the local church there to embrace him.
  • Regular guys snuck Paul out of Jerusalem, saving his life.
  • Regular guys ran to get Peter so he could heal a regular gal.
  • A regular guy took Peter into his home and gave him a place to stay.

Apparently God likes to use regular folks. And the body of Christ needs regular folks. Every day, tons of “little people” do tons of “little things” that have an enormous impact. In Peter and Paul’s day, those little things made it possible for the Gospel to be proclaimed, for Jesus to be glorified, and for millions (billions?) of people to be saved for eternity!

That is so cool! That’s what our church family should look like. What’s even cooler is that, in large part, that’s what our Touchstone family does look like! Regular folks are making an enormous impact. They’re praying for each other, encouraging hurting neighbors, bringing meals to grieving families, forgiving unforgiveable offenses, teaching Sunday school, feeding homeless people, and introducing people to their Savior.

Thank you, family, for being regular folks!

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