What Do You Want In A Church?

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The following is another re-post from the blog I was using in the days leading up to the opening of the church to keep people informed of our progress. This entry captures the heart behind Touchstone.


What do you want in a church?

Originally posted August 04, 2004

That is the question I asked a person I was having lunch with the other day. The answer he gave expressed the feelings I believe many people have about church. Here is his answer:

I believe the church is our home. It is a womb. In a healthy home the children have no doubts about the love of their parent. Everything the child does is an expression of being alive. When the child makes a mistake or is injured, the first thought that enters his mind is, “I want to go home.”

In a sick home the child is always in fear of loosing the approval/love. Everything he does is an expression of insecurity. The outside looks the same as the first child, but this is a lonely and sad existence. When this child makes a mistake his immediate thought is, “I hope they don’t find out, I can’t go home… I am alone.”

I believe a good church will put all of its focus on healthy life affirming relationships based on God’s unconditional love. Everything else follows.

My personal childhood was like the second child. When I grew up I found a church/environment that reinforced that experience. After my divorce, the Holy Spirit adopted me and I became the first child … (but with a few scars and stuff) …

With all my might I want to tell others about God. I want to help other lost children find a good home. That is about as simple as I can put it.

I think that is about as simple as any of us could put it!



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