Life in the Church Lane

Fast Lane

Recently Jeff sent me a link to a post I wrote “back in the day” when we were a young church. I realized that some of the people I referred to like Julie, Mary, and Shane, are still attending Touchstone and others are not. Some moved to other areas and well, honestly, a few I have no idea where they went or what happened.Continue reading

The Hearts of Touchstone

Service at Hamilton Street Park

As part of celebrating Touchstone Christian Fellowship’s ten-year anniversary, I am re-posting a few of the original blog entries from those first days of the church.

This first one is a guest post that was written by Patty Hawkins as a Valentine to the church, just four months after Touchstone started. It is a beautiful description of those early days of the church when we were meeting in the community center at Hamilton Street Park. I’m sure it will bring back some sweet memories for those who were there. I know it did for me.Continue reading