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We recently finished a redesign of the Touchstone website in anticipation of our ten-year anniversary. I thought it would be interesting to see how the website has changed over the past decade.

When the church began back in October of 2004, websites were important, but they were not the central repositories of information for an organization that they are today. Myspace was the big fish in social networking and largely the domain of teenagers and rock bands. Now, it is good practice for an organization to have a presence on several, if not all, of the significant social networking services. Ten years ago, standard practice was to design your website to function well on a screen of 1024×768 pixels, since most people were using computers with 13-inch and 15-inch CRT monitors. Now, a website needs to accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes on a range of wired devices, including cell phones, tablets, televisions, and computers.

You can see how our website has tried to respond to these changes. Today’s website is very different from our first website. I can’t imagine what our website will look like a decade from now and the kinds of services it will provide.

Each screenshot of the website uses the same overall image size, so you can see how the website has grown over time and make a more accurate comparison.

  • The first screenshot is of our first website, which remained largely unchanged for the first couple of years of the church.
  • The second screenshot is of the first significant revision of the website, which then remained largely unchanged for the next five years.
  • The third screenshot is of the next significant revision of the website, which served us for the next three years.
  • Finally, the fourth screenshot is of the current version of the website, which included a complete update of the artwork, color schemes, page layouts, and underlying code base.

I hope you enjoy this little walk through time in our “website museum.”


Website-First Version

Website-Second Version

Website-Third Version

Website-Fourth Version

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