Guest or Resident?

Front Desk Check-In

In the days when Queen Victoria ruled England, she made a habit of visiting the humble homes of her subjects. She enjoyed the brief Christian fellowship and company of her people. On one occasion, she visited an elderly woman in a nearby village. The woman was recognized in her community for being a very godly person who reflected the love of Jesus wherever she went. She always talked about Jesus and never neglected an opportunity to share the love of Christ with others.Continue reading

Don’t Worry!


It seems like every other news headline has the word “worried” in it. A national news service recently took a poll of the top fifteen things Americans are worried about. Not surprising, the top three on the list were healthcare, the economy, and terrorism. Worry tends to be a staple of the news cycle these days, and seems to occupy a significant part of our lives.Continue reading

Spies Among Us

Granny Spy

I read an interesting news story the other day. A British woman who had lived a quiet life of solitude, had recently passed away at the respectable age of 99. She was a pensioner, who was said to be rather shy and reclusive. The neighbors didn’t seem to know much about her, except that she was very nice but kept to herself. There is nothing particularly remarkable about that. For years, rumors had circulated that she had been a spy once upon a time, but no one seemed to know exactly how that rumor got started.Continue reading

What in the World is Happening?

Man on a Swing

It seems like the world is full of horrible news these days. I can’t turn on the television, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper without learning something is seriously going wrong. If it isn’t the weather, it’s terrorism, the economy, crime, or politics. At times, it seems like the whole world is just falling down around us.Continue reading