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Worshipping Hands

As a worship leader, I often talk to people about worship. I like to poll people about what their favorite worship songs are or what song the Lord has been laying on their heart lately. Most of the time people can only remember little bits of the songs they like and many can’t even remember what the song says. They only know they really like it. Sometimes I hear, “I don’t like that worship song,” or “Worship songs all sound the same anymore,” or “I’m just annoyed by that song and can’t worship.”

To me, songs are just tools. Tools I desperately need. A greater understanding and revelation of Jesus results in unabashed praise and worship. It’s not the “cool” perfect song that is to be exalted, admired, and lifted up. It’s Jesus. The song is just the tool. Spontaneous worship out of a heart full of wonder and awe of the glory of God doesn’t much care about the tool. In that moment, I just grab anything that will work. Maybe it isn’t the latest greatest gold plated sparkling tool but I don’t care. I am just needing to worship and any tool will do, as long as it gets the job done.

Our worship isn’t going to be better because of the best tools. It’s going to be better because our hearts are drenched with the beauty of our Rescuer, the One who saves us from everything miserable, dark, hopeless, and gloomy. When we pray for and are gifted with a greater understanding of who God is, our hearts want to worship. We don’t need the perfect song in the perfect style to our satisfaction. We need words and expressions of our awe and wonder of His greatness.

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