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Broadcast Date: February 11, 2021

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Title: Joshua–Introduction
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: Joshua 1
Series: Joshua
Description: Pastor Jeff Miles teaches an introduction to the book of Joshua.
Topics: History lesson, cannot remember, condemned to repeat, George Santayana, learn, mistakes, Moses, life, death, Jordan river, Jericho, home, Abraham, Canaan, land, flowing, milk, honey, stranger, father, many nations, everlasting covenant, possession, promise, unfulfilled, Isaac, Jacob, sons, famine, Egypt, slavery, enslaved, Moses, deliverer, mysery, explorers, panic, Joshua, Caleb, eastern border, southern, Mount Nebo, spirit, wisdom, Yahweh, savior, salvation. rescue, Jesus, type, picture, Amalekites, battle, victory, tablet, 10, ten commandments, Sinai, revelry, Aaron, terrible leadership, capitulating, idol, calf, golden, selfless, tent of meeting, face-to-face, tabernacle, jealous, invincible, commissioned, equipped, Holy Spirit, empowered, laying, hands, urim, thummim, stones, intermediary, strong, courageous, pure, heart, courage,

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