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Broadcast Date: May 22, 2018

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Title: Exodus 33
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: Exodus 33
Series: Exodus
Description: Pastor Jeff Miles teaches from Exodus 33 on Moses’ desire for the God’s presence above all other things.
Topics: Valentines Day, chocolate, Easter, bunny, rabbit, figurines, hollow, cheated, liars, disappointment, movie trailers, relationship, God, Jesus Christ, Ravi Zacharias, perpetual novelty, Moses, personal, stiff-necked, people, Presence, angel, mourn, LORD, go, risk annihilation, tent of meeting, tabernacle, intimate, face-to-face, f2f, instant messaging, text message, vulnerable, show, glory, bold, beautiful request, He ruins you, taste-testing, worldviews, goodness, cleft, rock, back, face, name, character, goodness, Himself, reveal, survive, sun, powerful, intense, 93 million miles, eyes, radiation, weather, tides, photosynthesis, heat, storms, communications systems, full blast, mouth, garden hose, fire hose, unapproachable light, anthropomorphisms, after glory glow, comet, tail, end, heart

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