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Broadcast Date: June 16, 2020

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Title: John 1:1-18
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: John 1:1-18
Series: John

Topics: most influential person in history, planet, universe, accurate picture, Jesus, worship, adore, beautiful, kind, courageous, loving, New York woman, fell, Picasso, painting, tear, clumsy, masterpiece life, literature, repair, damage, Gospel, good news, synoptic, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, unique, theological, historical, apostle, the disciple Jesus loved, closest friend, relationship, Christ, life, name, meaning, purpose, wholeness, eternal future, beginning, Word, logos, Genesis, God said, communication, expression, prophets, radiance, glory, exact representation, sustaining, light, darkness, shines, new creation story, Baptist, recognize, welcome, receive, Isaiah, Gentiles, uppity, children, spiritual birth, incarnation, glory, dwelling, tabernacled, shekinah, shekhinah, full of grace and truth, king, Old, New Testament, One and Only, Moses, back,

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