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Broadcast Date: February 10, 2021

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Title: Numbers 25
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: Numbers 25
Series: Numbers
Description: Pastor Jeff Miles teaches from Numbers 25 on the Israelites being lured and enticed by their own desire, falling into sin, and sin leading to death.
Topics: death star, vulnerable spot, Balaam, Balak, Israelites, Milton, paradise lost, he who rules himself is more thana king, Shittim, sexual immorality, Moabite women, sacrifices, Baal of Peor, LORD’s anger, Jericho, promised land, fertility god, orgies, adultery, Moses, judges, harsh judgment, fungus, amazon, ants, erupts, mushroom, contagious, colony, it matters what we believe, one mediator, Christ Jesus, Phineas, plague, killed 24,000, tempted, tempting, desire, vulnerable, vulnerability, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, satan

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