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Broadcast Date: February 8, 2021

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Title: Numbers 20:14-21:9
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: Numbers 20:14-21:9
Series: Numbers
Description: Pastor Jeff Miles teaches from Numbers 20 and 21 on the Israelites facing more challenges in the wilderness and a bronze snake that saved lives.
Topics: Israelites, egyptian slavery, 40 years, aimless wandering, continuing rebellion, promised land, kadesh barnea, anticipation, excitement, waiting for Christmas, frustrating situation, Edomites, brothers, Esau, provoke, war, land, hill country, Seer, setback, easy way, best way, character, tantrum, discouragement, immaturity, difficulty, Aaron’s death, Moses, “gathered to his people,” realm, redemption, generation, Canaanite, king, Arad, Negev, Atharim, attacked, captured, Hormah, underestimates, israelites, military force, die, desert, bread, water, manna, test, character, whining, looping, pole, bitten, look, live, unusual rescue, deadly snakebite, Son of Man, lifted up, eternal life, cross of Calvary

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