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Broadcast Date: May 8, 2018

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Title: Exodus 20:12
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: Exodus 20:12
Series: Exodus
Description: Pastor Jeff Miles teaches from Exodus 20 on the command to honor our parents.
Topics: Parenting, Bruce Lansky, Bill Cosby, Erma Bombeck, Buddy Hacket, John Wilmott, Willmott, 10 ten commandments, Jewish, Jesus Christ, 5th, fifth, honor, father, mother, live long, promise, building block,, society, children, punishment, curse, disrespect, rebellious teenagers, submit, parents, authority, foundation, values, ethics, character, self-indulgent, indulgent, successful, material, Bible thumping hypocritical nag, godly wisdom, daughter, Taylor, birth, baby, frightening, sobering, instruction manual, maintenance meeting, responsibility, great value, radical dependancy

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