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Broadcast Date: June 16, 2022

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Title: Colossians 4:2-18
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: Colossians 4:2-18
Series: Colossians

Topics: Jesus Christ, perfect solution for the human condition, devote yourselves to prayer, watchful, alert, focused, thankful, thankfulness is the soil in which all other virtues grow, Matthew Henry, robbed, mystery, pray, only God can change lives, physical realm, spiritual realm, participate, participation, Christ in you the hope of glory, clearly, discouragement, depression, disillusionment, resolve, seasoned, salt, smart, tactful, agenda, life-changing power, be yourself, faith walker, relax, seal the deal, conversation, conversations, unbeliever, unbelievers, grace, biggest dispensers of grace on the planet, online, on-line, computer games, first-person shooter, raise curiosity, hobbies, interests, share your personal story, basic message of the Gospel, Bill Hybels, Just Walk Across the Room, always be prepared, Tychicus, Onesimus, runaway, run-away slave, Philemon, past, forgiven, Aristarchus, Mark, Epaphras, Luke, Nympha, church in her house, not a building, you are the church, Laodicea, letter, letters, sharing, how the New Testiment came into existence, Bible, urban legend, evidence, Archippus,

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