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Broadcast Date: August 11, 2020

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Title: John 14:7-31
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: John 14:7-31
Series: John

Topics: Bible, simple, John, Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Judas, upper room, final remarks, disciples, confusing, difficult, understand, doctrine, benchmarks, rules, three persons, 3, substance, essence, being, co-equal, coequal, co-eternal, coeternal, God, super person, higher form, earthworm, comparison, images, covenant, Sinai, mountain, terrifying, volcano, new, Philip, invisible, visible, Pentecost, evidence, miracles, Counselor, cards, human, purpose, whatever you ask in my name, everything necessary to work through us to bring glory to the Father, Pericletas, comforter, advocate, helper, companion, whole enchilada, baptize, orphans, peace, transcends circumstances, eternity, pilgrims, store treasures, earth, heaven, unstable, fix eyes, unseen, submission, obedience, obey

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