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Broadcast Date: August 6, 2020

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Title: John 13:18-35
Speaker: Jeff Miles
Bible Ref: John 13:18-35
Series: John

Topics: Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis, Instructing wormwood, tempt “the patient, Two, 2 errors, deny existence of demons, infatuated, fascinated, Twilight, Vampires, spiritual war, struggle, hand-to-hand combat, all hell broke loose, Jesus, Herod, devil, wilderness, tempted, Demon possession, demonic activity, Satan, full assault, last meal, Final words, conversations, washed feet, love, living parable, example, back stabbing, Judas Iscariot, 60 dollars, sixty, warrior king Messiah, joint venture, willing participant, chosen, complete confidence, betray, betrayal, disciple, fulfill, Fathers will, troubled in spirit, no clue, traitor, bread, dip, Crucifixion, glory, glorified, obedience, accomplishments, uniquely ours to give, pure sincere honest expression, glory, wonder, universe, love one another, define, evangelism, moral purity, five, 5 guys traveling together, different modes of transportation, road bike, bmx, skateboard, scooter, walking, same pace, church wait up for each other

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